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Life after Facebook

life after facebookThis week I finally did it: I cancelled my Facebook account. I was very late in joining the FB legion, but – once in – I was in completely. I collected friends, groups, pages and events. I was fully enjoying virtual life. But somewhere deep inside it didn’t feel right. Why did I stop doing all these things I used to do? I used to make jewellery, work in my garden, write an awful lot, spend a lot time outside both on my own and with my horse. It seemed that it took me a lot of effort to get myself to do these things nowadays. I found myself more and more behind my screen, peering at the world as it was presented to me.

Silence is golden

When I was about 18, a family member who was at my birthday commented on the appearance of one of the other guests. I remember the exact words, but they don’t translate well, so the gist will have to do. She basically said, loudly, that the person in question had the fattest legs she’d ever seen.

Idle hands are the devil’s workshop or why being bored is a good thing

The above proverb is meant to instil fear into people’s heart, fear of doing nothing. Sounds scary enough, so it would work for me, if I would believe in a devil, which I don’t. Who needs a devil when taking into consideration what some people are capable of? But that’s beside the point. We were talking about idle hands.

Many parts make up a whole: looking at life in a holistic manner

On this website you will find a holistic way of looking at life in general and humans in particular. But what is holistic? Webster defines it as following: holistic: relating to holism; holism: a theory that the universe and especially living nature is correctly seen in terms of interacting wholes (as of living organisms) that are more than the mere sum of elementary particles .

Not a shred of evidence exists that life is serious

Talking about stress! The other day I read an article about suicide clusters that have been occurring amongst high school students in Palo Alto over the last years. The gist of it was that, although the establishment denies it fervently, the suicides have been the result of the literally killing competition amongst youngsters in this pinnacle of Western education.

It’s all about me

In an earlier blog I told you about the detours I took in coming to where I am now. I don’t know whether you noticed, but I choose my words carefully. The following words just about sum it up: I was on the path that I thought my parents, siblings, friends, acquaintances, society in general would like to see me on. Now, there might be people who get from this sentence that I ‘blame’ others for the turns my journey took. That is not the case, however. The keyword is thought. I thought that I was doing what others wanted. But I very much made the decision to do that myself. I do not view myself as a victim. Far from it. I see myself as a very skilful navigator 🙂

Beginning at the start – part 4

We have discussed the incompatibility of our genes with our current living environment in general, we have discussed food in general and exercise in general. So what more is there? Another matter that definitely deserves attention in this series is the effect of stress on our sense of well-being. Not only do we have too much stress these days, the stress is also completely different from the kind we are evolutionarily used to.

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