Emma Storris

Compelling and well written articles for magazines

Nothing feels as good as snuggling on your couch with a magazine. There are as many magazines and periodicals as there are interests. While you are absorbed in the magazine within minutes, the actual making of the periodical takes a lot more. The writing, editing , designing and layout process is a complicated one. Take, for instance, a magazine I worked on recently, Equiday  Magazine. A large number of experts contributed to this periodical about Natural Horsemanship. Next, all these articles had to be written and edited several times to make sure the content wasn’t only entertaining, but also educative and correct. Then all the articles and the related imagery had to be designed and laid out in an attractive manner. Only then the magazine could go to print.

The right person at the right place

When you want to publish a good magazine, you have to make sure that you put the right person in the right place. Fantastic horse trainers are not necessarily good writers. Nor do they have to be, because there are always people who can to bring your message across for you properly. It is always a better idea to outsource the writing than to muck up your valuable message. I make sure your message is heard loud and clear.

Storris writes and edits for magazines, periodicals and more!

For this specific magazine I did both writing and editing work. The assignment fitted me like a glove. I grew up with horses and know the jargon well. This is not my only area of expertise. I am blessed with a broad general knowledge and am always busy developing and deepening that knowledge. Health, nutrition, medicine, history, literature, culture, spirituality, nature in al her facets, all sorts of commercial branches, I am the best person for the job. Follow this link for an impression of my work for Equiday Magazine (only in Dutch).

I also design and make up magazines, books, booklets, brochures, etcetera.  Always handy if you want to outsource all aspects of your printed matter.  Is your initiative internationally active? I do not only write in English, but also in Dutch.

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