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Welcome to the website of Emma Storris, air monger, versatile author, dream creator, earth warrior writer and roots healer. Some of these titles might not ring bells right away. So I will also describe myself in (rather more boring) standardised terms: I am a writer, story teller, (life) artist, teacher and holistic healer (of people and earth). My work has this one common thread: I want to make you think about life and your role in it. Does life really work the way you think it does? Is it the way you’d like it to be? Do you want to know more about me? When it comes to writing, I write both fiction and non-fiction. I also lecture and give inspirational speeches and workshops. Do you want to know about why I do all this? Check out the page on which I tell you more about what moves me.

Is it all that normal, the way society works?

Sometimes my message is at the forefront of my work, sometimes it is a bit more subtle. Therefore you find all sorts of blogs and columns on this website in which I challenge the current of society as we know it. At the same time I am the proud mother of Bing and Bibi, the main characters of my first children’s book, which features a world that is far from standard. Fantasy, right… or is it?








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Are you living your own life? Or that of someone else?

Take charge of your own life

At the moment I am very busy writing my magnum opus, a non-fiction book. This is the culmination of a project that has been in my head for years. However, in order to get going there were some things that had to fall into place first. In this book I describe how I managed to firmly take charge of my life, in spite of all the limiting beliefs I had inherited and learned. Spoiler: I found out that life is actually pretty awesome and that I get to decide what it looks like. With this book I give you the tools to regain control over your life.

On this website you will find information about me, my work as writer and life coach and a bit about my other activities. You will also find plenty to read, both fiction and non-fiction.

Readables by Emma Storris

Turtle World, a story by Emma Storris, inspired by a painting by Kuze

free story Turtle World KuzeToday is the first day of K-Fest 2018 in Killorglin, Ireland. For anyone who happens to be in the neighbourhood, I’d pop by if I were you. It is a colourful gathering of creative people showing the world – well, at least part of it – what they have been doing artwise. I can’t make it this year, which makes me really sad, but hey, there’s always next year.

Gran spreads her wings – Free E-booklet!

free story children bing and bibi gran spreads her wingsI like presents! Not only to get, but also to give… Today I’ve got a present for all those children who like a good story. It is about Bing and Bibi’s granny. Her name is Granny Thea and she is quite an extraordinary grandma. And that is putting it mildly. Is your grandma always calm, sensible and predictable?

Life after Facebook

life after facebookThis week I finally did it: I cancelled my Facebook account. I was very late in joining the FB legion, but – once in – I was in completely. I collected friends, groups, pages and events. I was fully enjoying virtual life. But somewhere deep inside it didn’t feel right. Why did I stop doing all these things I used to do? I used to make jewellery, work in my garden, write an awful lot, spend a lot time outside both on my own and with my horse. It seemed that it took me a lot of effort to get myself to do these things nowadays. I found myself more and more behind my screen, peering at the world as it was presented to me.

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