Emma Storris

Beginning at the start – Part 2

Beginning at the start 2, healthy food and nutritionIn Beginning at the start – part 1 I hope to have established that we, our collection of genes that make up the organism that we are, came into existence under completely different circumstances than those we are living in nowadays. In other words, we were ‘made’ for a different living environment altogether. We hit the surface of the problems that we face when we talked about never being thirsty or hungry anymore and the work load that we have. But there’s more.

Beginning at the start – Part 1

Beginning at the start 1, origin determines healthWell, you have to start somewhere. Why not at the beginning? In the beginning there was earth and a whole load of evolution going on. Then, after millions and millions and millions of years, there was mankind. More millions of years later, or rather 200,000 years ago there was what seems to be our first common ancestor. Homo Sapiens had arrived at the scene.

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